Lisa is a Midwife and antenatal educator with extensive experience supporting couples and families expecting a baby; she has supported families giving birth in multiple settings including home, hospital and birth centres. Lisa works as a Clinical and Research Midwife at a busy NHS hospital so remains very ‘hands on’ and up to date with the latest trends in maternity care, she previously spent a number of years leading a team of midwives to provide community care and recognises the important role that antenatal and postnatal education can provide.


Lisa is passionate that women and their partners should feel empowered to have the birth that they want, she wants to dispel the myths and old wives tales and provide couples with helpful, evidence based information in order for people to make informed choices. Lisa believes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to birth and that couples should always be able to adapt their birth wish list to suit themselves and their baby/babies.


Having cared for lots of women whose pregnancies may not always follow the expected path, Lisa wishes to facilitate an approach to antenatal education that will never suggest a woman is a failure. As a mummy herself Lisa recognises that motherhood is full of highs and lows but her dream is that by giving you the right care and support you will begin your own motherhood journey very much on a high.




Claire is a women’s health physiotherapist who treats women during pregnancy, post natally, and in later life. She has lots of experience and excels in educating and rehabilitating women early to prevent problems that can be caused by pregnancy and child birth.


She is keen and motivated to provide every mum with the correct information early on to make them and their body as ready for pregnancy, labour and in post natal life. This is a significant time in a women’s life when her baby puts large changes and demands on muscles, joints and nerve tissue. This all leads to altered movement patterns and postures. Claire likes to educate and restore the balance that women need and want for good health with their new family.


Claire is also a yoga teacher who teaches women to enjoy safe movement during pregnancy and to connect to the power of their breath. She also teaches women post natally to return to exercise and re learn a good posture and pelvic floor activation.


So as a women’s health physio and yoga instructor, claire uses many ways to educate you about the needs of your changing body, during pregnancy, labour and beyond.